Community Choice Aggregation

Many people don’t realize that their monthly electric bill has two parts:

  • 1) The charge for generating/supplying the electricity to the grid.
  • 2) The charge for the delivery of electricity to our houses (power lines, etc).

The company that delivers the electricity to our houses in Putnam Valley is New York State Electric & Gas [NYSEG]. This doesn’t change.

However, the company that supplies that energy to the grid can change. Currently, if a resident has not opted out, their default company is still NYSEG. Residents are free to opt out of NYSEG as their supplier, but most don’t.

Adopting a Community Choice Aggregation [CCA] allows a group of communities to pool their collective numbers, and the desirability of a large number of consumers looking to locate the best choice for their communities allows them the leverage to negotiate a more favorable price than they have been paying with their current provider

FAQ (How it works)

*Information for portions of this document are collected/modified/cited from Joule Community Power and Red Hook CCA