George, Campaign Manager

A Pembroke Welsh Corgi wearing glasses

George has been a political figure his entire life. Born in Southern Ireland of Welsh descent, he was trained amongst the royal ensemble of Queen Elizabeth II. However, he quickly became disillusioned with the monarchy, and now denounces any form of government other than our great American Democracy. He revels in the competitive, dog-eat-dog world of American politics, and looks forward to supporting the candidate For The People (And The Animals), Ralph Smith, in his campaign. George knows that even when the going gets ‘ruff,’ Ralph persists, and intends to follow him through every stage of his political career without ‘paws.’ George’s personal life consists of enjoying decadent meals with his family, keeping to a rigorous exercise schedule, and looking for his own tail.

Shadow, Press Secretary

A black cat standing on a table

Shadow hails from humble beginnings, living many of her early years as a staunch independent and avid survivalist; but shortly after meeting Ralph she decided to give up her uncivilized ways and commit to helping Ralph in his quest to make Putnam Valley the inclusive, diverse, and united community that all its inhabitants deserve. Shadow spent years exploring Putnam Valley’s natural wonders - hiking its hills, camping in the fields, and fishing on the lake fronts. Though she has since tamed her rebellious cattitude and retired to a more domestic life, she promises that during Ralph Smith’s time in office she will use her knowledge of Putnam’s topography to aid Ralph in conserving its raw beauty. In her free time, Shadow loves to hunt, sunbathe, and instigate heated interactions with her coworker George.

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