Community Service

A major point of pride for our town is the extensive network of volunteer corps and societies which work tirelessly to protect, educate, and preserve the history of our small but strong community.

The Volunteer Fire House and Volunteer Ambulance Corps foster a strong backbone of empathetic young people and community-minded adults who donate more than just their time — also their safety — to keeping their neighbors safe and secure.

Putnam Valley Food Pantry, where I have been a proud volunteer for the past decade, has continued to serve our community members who are in need of food and staples during difficult times…even during the pandemic.

There are so many more! The Grange Hall, a center of agricultural life, has begun to host livestock markets once a month, staffed by volunteers. The Adams Corners Schoolhouse and Historical Society keeps records of our past and educates our community members. The VFW provides our veterans with our community’s support.

Another major group of unsung volunteers is the army of coaches who teach our young people the basics and beyond in a wide variety of sports and activities. Our Parks and Recreation Department quietly recruits and guides these volunteers in self-sustaining programs, meeting their own funding needs. Likewise, concerning athletics, I am honored to have been a consistent supporter of the MAGMAH special needs soccer program since its inception and look forward to its continuation as we move beyond the pandemic.

These are just a few of the altruistic and engaged groups of individuals in our town, and I wish to make sure that organizations such as these are provided with the support and recognition they deserve. If elected as supervisor, I will declare 2022 The Year of the Volunteer in Putnam Valley, complete with Supervisor’s Award to a new group each month that will accompany a personal donation to each group….and a chance to recruit more volunteers. Putnam Valley is filled with amazing people. Bravo!

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