Education Policy

As a veteran educator, one of Ralph’s major focuses is our school system’s ability to provide each individual student with an atmosphere which best facilitates their learning. The classroom climate in each one of our schools is of primary concern, as it is of utmost importance that our children feel safe and supported in all their academic and athletic endeavors. Every child has a different strength, and it is the responsibility of the school to provide them with an environment in which their strengths can be explored and allowed to flourish. It should go without statement that this includes a feeling of security and equality of opportunity for students of any ethnicity, gender identification, sexual preference, physical or intellectual ability.

A lifetime athlete himself and former Putnam Valley Varsity basketball coach, Ralph also takes great pride in the athletic tradition in Putnam Valley schools, and intends to ensure that all sports and afterschool activities remain fully funded. Though the aim of this assurance is the ultimate benefit of Putnam Valley students, there is also additional benefit to be had. Indisputably, a strong educational system is vital in making Putnam Valley an attractive place to live for future potential residents and landowners, which in turn drives property value up. Investing in the future of your and your neighbors’ children latently imbues your own home with more financial value. An asset to all involved.