Success! Grants save you $$$

When I ran for Town Board, my opponents said we could never be awarded any grants. That's because they lacked the spirit and perseverance to make it happen.

Well, I made it happen! Putnam Valley is getting a $5000 grant that I applied for from NYSERDA due to the fact that we ran a Community Solar Campaign.

More? Each person who subscribed gets a $100 gift card.

More? Our town gets a $100 donation from the company for each person who signs up, thus far approaching $8000 in our town coffers that didn't come out of our taxpayers' pockets.

More? This campaign moves us closer to more grant money from the Clean Energy Communities group.

I will continue to help and support with the applications for grants of all types. If Peekskill, Brewster, and others can get grant money, why not us? We must continue to step up and get our share. These monies do not come from taxing our community members!

Think this is a one-shot deal? Here are two announcements that I found on my computer from when I worked on and wrote grants that benefitted our schools and students.

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