Memorial Day

I have always enjoyed attending the Memorial Day gatherings at Town Hall. This year, when I noticed the impressively large gathering, I began to wonder why we are limiting such a major celebratory event when so many in our community are inspired to come out to honor the fallen. At the very least (and I do not advocate doing only the very least) we need a new sound system for these events. This year’s beautiful rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner could not be fully enjoyed by the masses due to the sound system. I believe consulting with Tony Arrien (if willing) who always does a great job with technology at the Town Board meetings could quickly lead to a considerable improvement.

Again, at the very least, additional seating should be provided. Unfortunately, I observed that two people who were part of the ceremony had to be seated on the ground and attended to after standing at length in the direct sun during the various speeches, etc. This cannot be an acceptable standard in the coming years. The audience should also be provided with much more seating since the Memorial Day festivities are popular events for the older members of our community. These two basic items should be completed without delay for this particular occasion, but I also believe that a committee of community members should continue to investigate other ways that our town could further enjoy this and similar happenings. Some talking points might be:

  • Has the ceremony outgrown its present location(s)? Currently, there are three separate ceremonies: 11am, noon, and 1pm at Town Hall, Lake Peekskill, and the VFW respectively. Would it be better to have a united show of respect where all those in our various groups celebrate together? 
  • Would the Town Park be a perfect place for this uniting of our community for one large ceremony rather than three separate events?
  • Might the parking be better accommodated at Town Park rather than the long line-ups and walks for mature community members?
  • Could an educational event like a movie/lecture about a past armed conflict be added to expand the knowledge of young and old alike?
  • How about a picnic afterwards for families and friends to enjoy?
  • A short walk from the Town Park to the VFW where I heard inspirational words this year?

These are merely talking points that a committee of our neighbors could discuss and expand upon if they wish.

Ralph would like to hear from all of the community on this topic. Please click the button below to send him an email with your input.

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