The proposed budget for 2022 contains raises for many town employees. They are long overdue, and I support them as I do the budget. It is under the tax cap, which I have insisted on since I was elected.

However, also included in the budget is a raise for Town Board members and Town Supervisor. I will be refusing any raise. The reason is simple; we are still finding our way out of the pandemic, and many people are hurting mightily. I knew the salary for a Town Board member when I ran 2 years ago. I knew the salary for Town Supervisor when I declared my candidacy. My moral compass will not allow me to increase my salary at this time. It is a personal decision.

Most of my fellow board members are in a different position. They have been on the board for many terms and never received a raise — they deserve to be rewarded for years of hard work with very little remuneration. It is appropriate for them to get this small increase, but not me.

I have been told it may be required that I receive the raise if the budget passes. In that case, I will take the increase and donate it to one or more of the volunteer organizations in town.

Ralph would like to hear from all of the community on this topic. Please click the button below to send him an email with your input.

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