Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

It should have been fixed long ago.

Bad news for PV residents....the Town Board unveiled their preliminary 2020 budget and - to nobody’s surprise - indicated that they wanted a 2.98% increase on the Tax Levy...That’s another 3%! When I told them that they could reduce that by spending a small part ($140 thousand) of their 1.9 Million Dollar Fund Balance (that’s right 1.9 Million!) they ignored it. How about surrounding towns? Carmel announced a 1% increase. And this morning I saw this...Kent will not have any increase! 0%! But our Town Board wants 3%. Not good.

Newspaper clipping of Kent Town budget plan

If the current Board members can’t or won’t get under the tax cap, it is time for a new approach. I promise you to use extreme diligence over our community monies if/ when elected. Our community needs someone to pay closer attention to the tax stresses of our neighbors.

Sadly, our Town Board has only stayed under the tax cap ~once ~ since it was instituted. That is only once in at least 8 years! I have shown that I am up to that task throughout my time on the Board of Education. I have worked on the Board of Ed. for six straight years to keep our school tax increases under the tax cap every year.

To be clear, I am a fiscal conservative. Although my wife would define that as “cheap,” I would prefer to say that I ask (read: demand) that we receive as taxpayers a dollar’s worth of value for every dollar spent.

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